Catholics see how simple things are.

Catholics see how simple things are.  We see the war between good and evil.

Catholics understand that demons, by nature, are very, very tiny.  They may be no bigger than electrons.  They swarm into the mind, introducing error whenever possible.  They want every human to make this mistake:  “I am just as good as God.  I will do as I please.  No one will tell me what to think, say, or do.”

The demons applaud!

How big are demons?  Our optic nerve has about 1.2 million fibers inside its diameter of 1/15 of an inch.  The fibers carry light into the brain from 120 million light receptors in the retina at the back of our eyeball.  Demons can zip through one of those incredibly tiny fibers in less than the blinking of our eye!  Fortunately, so can angels!

When we close our eyes and concentrate, we may see dense patterns.  Each tiny, tiny dot is one of those fibers.  Each is a “four-lane highway” through which demons and angels fly into our mind.

Each demon or angel goes where it wants in our mind.  Delicate neural connections may be healed or corrupted.  Prayer is actually sending a message to God.  Each prayer makes one of two requests:

  1. “God, please send enough angels to help my soul, mind, and body.”  OR:
  2. “God please send angels to help the soul, mind, and body of person for whom I am asking your help.”

The demons have one goal:  They wish to keep every person on earth from receiving The Body and Blood of Jesus in Catholic Communion.

Every demon, and every person they control, hates the clear call to Catholic Communion that Jesus repeated 14 times:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

Merely being in a Catholic Church, where “holy molecules” of Christ’s Blood float through the air from every Consecration, makes the demons howl in horror.

Catholics see how simple things are.