Catholics think logically.  That’s why we are Catholics!

Catholics embrace God’s Gifts of Love and Logic.

God’s Love moved Him to Speak Creation Into Being.  His first Words were “Let there be light.”  Countless quadrillions of particles that followed were Spoken Into Being by God in perfect, Logical relationship.  The “Word of God” is Logic.

Immediately, people and angels began to disobey God.

After thousands of years, He “Spoke”.  Oceans of water welled up from the earth.  The Flood washed all but six people and their animals away.

The descendants of Noah spread over the earth.  God Spoke His Covenant with Abraham into Being.  In that time, Copper and Bronze Ages evolved into The Iron Age.

Things got more complicated!    People needed to think clearly enough to mine, refine, and make things with harder, better metals.   The only people who could defend themselves had to think clearly enough to make tools and weapons out of increasingly harder metals.

First, God blessed the children of Abraham.  2,000 years later,  God moved Aristotle to formalize the Rules of Logic.  He did that three centuries before Christ!

Aristotle reduced Logic to rules.  Then, God moved Philip of Macedon to hire the world’s greatest teacher of Logic. “Aristotle, I want you to teach my son how to think more logically than anyone on earth.”

Aristotle taught Alexander to think so logically that he could “out-think” all  his opponents.   He conquered every nation he attacked!

He replaced governments of Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey with his governments.  His successors wanted to continue their reigns.  Their governments built schools in the nations they ruled to teach future generations of their officials.

One of the subjects taught in every school in their lands?   Logic!

In the next 300 years. Logic spread among the Descendants of Abraham.

Then, The Prophecies could be fulfilled!

“We cannot deny God’s Word!   300 prophecies about The Messiah have been Fulfilled!  We think logically!  We know that Jesus is The Messiah Whom God sent to earth!

Logic helped them understand This Truth!

“Anyone who thinks logically knows that The Messiah did Speak One Church Into Being with His Holy Word!

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Catholics think logically.  That’s why we are Catholics!


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