Catholics “think small”.


Catholics “think small”.  We see that we began as an ova smaller than a grain of salt.  Our mother’s ova was fertilized by a sperm cell about the size of a grain of talcum powder.

Our soul came into being at the moment of conception.  Scientists with powerful microscopes report that there is actually a visible “spark” of light at each conception.  A new person, comprised of the DNA molecules selected from our ancestors came into being.

Our spirit, mind, and body began to be downloaded around our “spark of life”.  Our ancestors’ DNA took form in each of us.

Isaiah was blessed to see God. In 1 Kings, 19:11, after the “mountain-smashing” power passed by, Isaiah saw The God Who caused it.   God passed by as “a gentle puff of wind”.

The tiny mind of an architect can conceive of huge buildings.  God was able to download The Creation Program.  Photons became pixels.  Pixels took form as systems and beings.   Dante, in the 1300s, called it “The Divine Comedy”.  In the 2000s, we see all there is as “The Big Movie” or “The Ultimate Light Show”.

Our thoughts and beliefs are “clouds of photons”.  We move among them as they move among the molecules of our minds.  Our soul moves through them as an explorer through a vast forest.

We reach conclusions.  We make decisions.  We do things.  We make things.

Those who are blessed realize:  “God made this and me in it.”  We find the only truth there is:  “God downloaded Abraham.  Some of his descendants made prophecies about The Promised Messiah.  The Prophecies came true when Jesus was born at the predicted time and place of the predicted family.  He Founded One Church by saying “Verily, verily, I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” 

The Only Church He Founded knows what a miracle each person is.  It teaches, “Life must be protected from conception to natural death.”

Our tiny soul, the most important thing we have, rejoices because God loves us!

Catholics “think small”.  By doing so, we are led to obey God and love our neighbors.  We may get to Heaven!