Abortion: loving death.

Why did Babylon support child sacrifice back then, and abortion today?

Many societies begin with freedom and accomplishment. The Kingdom of the Twelve Tribes was productive and wealthy. David’s ruled his Kingdom for forty years, winning wars and stopping Absalom’s attempt to install his own bureaucracy. It became richer through Solomon’s reign of another 40 years.

For almost four generations, the process worked.

In that time, efficiencies increased. Small landholdings were replaced by larger. The new, larger slave-based farms and small factories produced food and goods more cheaply than small, family operations. Those with the increased resources had the money to pay higher taxes. They were favored by the state, and had assistance in buying more land and productive resources so that more taxes could be paid.

Unemployment increased as older systems withered. “Every man his own fig tree.” became a painful reminder of bygone days among the unemployed. As efficiencies increased, children who’d been valued in small farms and businesses, were said to be liabilities. Some were sold by parents into slavery.

The Babylonians exulted: “We must sacrifice children. There are too many to support. It is for their good and ours.” say the lovers of death in every age. The hopeless and Godless agreed. Succeeding kings embraced, or shunned, the murder of the most helpless among them.

God’s faithful, obedient believers did not participate. They still don’t.

By the time Solomon died, more were dependent on the state for money. To maintain the Kingdom and its growing welfare/temple/military state, Rehoboam had to impose a huge tax increase. The Northern Tribes revolted. The process began, again.

It may take 80 years, as in Israel, for freedom to become slavery, and for the Babylonians to start killing the young, or it may take a little longer. But, it’s what happens.

Until now. In our own time, some nations leavened by The Catholic Church have been able to survive with varying degrees of freedom for very long times. France has been a nation for over a thousand years. Others are not far behind.

How do they do they survive? They allow the providers of goods and services to innovate and become more efficient. At the same time, they provide government jobs, pensions, and benefits to those desperate for them. That way, governments have loyal cadres of supporters. Some of their leaders are smart enough to realize that their incomes depend on cutting costs in other areas.

Nations can thrive without abortion. Only when the lovers of death take over is abortion allowed. Abortion: loving death.