The Church knows that gambling hurts families.

As the various schisms grow, The Church is reduced in legislative power. Societies become self-destructive. A perfect example. The Church knows that gambling hurts families.

Recently, there were laws against gambling in nearly every state. Those who wished to risk their futures went to far-off Las Vegas. Then, other states began to allow gambling. Now, there are casinos throughout the United States.

Gambling leads many to squander their futures. Gamblers cannot win. The house, however, does. Families are hurt. Children are deprived of necessities because parents lose what they need.

Why did gambling go so quickly from being illegal to highly favored? Elected officials became addicted to bribes known as “campaign contributions”. Casino operators could pay, and promise more, once their cash flows from the weak and less bright were established.

America used to protect those unable to keep from compulsively gambling. No more.

Gambling is common because politicians love campaign contributions more than their neighbors.

The Church knows that gambling hurts families. If all were Catholic, we’d see the need to love our neighbors. Gambling could be limited to the low-limit bingo games with which society was once satisfied.

Now, gambling ensures greater destruction, requiring more legislation and an expanded state to help those who’ve been hurt by it.

Gambling is a foundation stone of Babylon. The Church understands that no good comes from making such temptations so widely available. The Church knows that gambling hurts families.