Dealing Effectively with a Leftist Soul

Dealing Effectively with a Leftist Soul does not usually include arguing with them. They have embraced their positions because they want to believe they’re they’re better than they are. At its very root, the devil’s disciples create Leftist positions to give people a way to “prove” that they are smarter, more sensitive, more enlightened, and just plain “better” than they are. All that’s necessary to enter that state of delusion is giving way to one’s vanity. Leftists have universally done so:

“Yes, I am better. If people would do what I wanted, the world would be a better place. My positions are the same as those who told me that if I were truly intelligent and worthwhile, I would agree with them. Since I agree with them, I must be right.”

In a nutshell, that simple circularity is what the Leftist belief system boils down to. It’s an expression of individual and collective vanity that’s supported by vanity instead of fact or logic. To remain happy in Leftism, facts, history, and logic must be avoided at all costs.

Any Lefist positions that continue past failures and/or conflict with provable facts are summarily dismissed. “That’s not important.”, the Leftist will say when presented with incontrovertible evidence that, say, the world is getting colder, or that abortion has caused the painful deaths of fifty million children.

We must recognize the “That’s not important.” is a true indication of how divorced he is from what’s actually happening in the world. What is important to recognize is the lack of love made manifest by the underlying Leftist suppositions of superiority.

The Leftist Soul is starved for love, and, as the song says, is “looking for love in all the wrong places.” So, one of our most difficult tasks is to love them. Pray for them. Send them birthday cards. An occasional present. As someone said, “God has no hands but ours.” Let’s use them to do something nice for our favorite Leftists. Frequently.