How their “death of a thousand cuts” may bring us more life.

How their “death of a thousand cuts” may bring us more life. The Culture of Death presently seems satisfied with destroying life and freedom one step at a time. Those in the Culture of Death realize and understand that when they achieve full power, they will be among the first destroyed. Just as the French Revolution quickly guillotined its earliest supporters, the Communist Revolution did the same thing.

Even Jim Jones, a leftist tyranny in microcosm, quickly fulfilled his perverted mission by killing his followers rather than losing power over them.

So, the smarter members of the Culture of Death prefer to see life and freedom destroyed completely only after they have outlived the generous pensions for which so many have traded their souls.

Those in the Culture of Death are given specific assignments. Each is given the mission of destroying some bit of life or freedom. Some work on forcing people to replace cheap, efficient septic tanks with expensive public sewer systems. Others are assigned to fighting against malaria-stopping programs. Others work for abortion or spreading life-shortening sexual practices. Many work to destroy students’ reading, writing, and math skills. Each lost soul in the Culture of Death has an assignment of making things always worse, never better. They all work together to destroy life and freedom. When one of them is attacked, all will counter-attack.

It has always been so, and will always be.

Babylon can only grow if the strong take from the weak. Our job, bizarre as it is, is to love the poor, lost souls who labor so mightily to destroy us. Loving them doesn’t count for much until we realize how much they hate us as they bring us closer to slavery and death.

So, we try to love them, love them, love them. As we do, our eternal place in Heaven is ever higher. As a bonus, loving those who manifest their hatred for us by enslaving and killing us and our neighbors might, by a not unknown miracle, help a handful of them turn from the Culture of Death to the Loving God Who programmed us all with the ability to know Him.

True life and freedom are only to be found in loving Christ more than the things of this earth that those in the Culture of Death worship enough to lie, steal, and kill to “own” during their brief days in the clay.