denying, lying, dying, crying, and frying

11905384_427799720755207_7651436957325132376_n.jpg girl and Jesus


There is a reason to be rhyming:   denying, lying, dying, crying, and frying.

Those blessed with the faith to be in The Only Church Jesus Founded are profoundly grateful!  We are not the clear call to Catholic Communion that Jesus repeated EIGHTEEN TIMES, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

We believe what He said so often was important to Him.  Therefore,  we do whatever we must to receive His Body and Blood in Catholic Communion.  We refuse to be among those , insist  “Jesus didn’t mean what He said.  He meant something else.  Give me some money.”

We began by not !  The staggering truth is:  We have “life in” us!  Jesus said so!

We are given the grace to be in The Only Church He Founded.   It is the only place on earth where, first, forgiveness of ours sins and then, the life of His Body and Blood are available.

We are not led from His Church by .

We are not deprived of His Body, Blood and .

We have the gates of Heaven opened by the keys He gave to Peter, saving us from flames and .

We are near to God in Heaven, not near gnashing teeth and .

Best to be Catholic, receive Absolution and forgiveness.  His Body and Blood give life within us.  Having Heaven’s joy forever.   Better to be with God’s Holy Angels flying than with those vain souls crying from denying, lying, dying and frying.