The destruction of self-confidence.

When countries are taken over by looters, there is less opportunity to develop self-confidence. Vast bureaucracies are empowered to make more and more decisions. This slowly produces a passive, cow-like society. People are increasingly mistrustful of their own thoughts and decisions, which allows their governments to take even more power.

Skills like reading and arithmetic are not taught. History is distorted. The goals become pleasing those in power structures who have the power of fines, confiscation, jail, and death.

The smartest, bravest people are ignored or demonized. “Co-operators” are encouraged. Neighborhood spies report independent activity. Right and wrong become subordinate to “getting along”. Activities like gardening, or throwing away garbage, become exercises in state control. Most are too afraid to fight.

“It’s only my opinion that having four garbage bins, all of which are dumped into the same dump, is insane. We all must conform.”