When reading Dante, the word “Dis” is used frequently. It’s a state of mind that leads to the destruction of everything that’s good or decent. It’s the state of mind in which those on the left are most comfortable. The farther the mind is to the left, the more negative and “dis-ful” it is.

Some are so lost that they hate everything. Others are more single-minded in their hate. They may focus on the destruction of a certain group. Serial killers usually select one type of target, women or children, for example, whom they hunt down and kill.

At heart, those who prefer “Dis” are angry with God. “If I’d gotten a few breaks, things would have been different.”, they say, never realizing that God gives “breaks” to those who ask for them while obeying His operating instructions as their program winds its way to erasure. They are so “dis” enchanted with love, joy, families, and success that they will do everything they can to undermine such things.

We see several major denominations of the Dis religions around us. Some work to pervert children. Others try to destroy The Church. Many attempt the destruction of economies and families. All assault anything believed to be good, except the process of undermining. That, they embrace whole-heartedly. The first step to dealing with the endless attacks they launch upon us is to understand that they hate us not because we’re worse than they are, but for the exact opposite reason.

Do those in the Dis community do any good? They provide a continual test for we who prefer love to hate, building to destroying, and truth to lies. At the same time, they so thoroughly align their souls with destruction that they cannot avoid the eternal consequences of their choices while living their lives in the vastness of the Creation Program.