disobedience leads to Protestantism


Cain’s mother and father became the first people to disobey God’s Instructions.  As always,  disobedience leads to Protestantism.  Adam and Eve corrupted their DNA with “the disobedience gene”.  In Cain, those two recessive genes combined, and become “the hate gene”.

Those genes did not corrupt Abel.  Since his mind wasn’t paralyzed by hate, he could think better.  He raised livestock.  He could work with hides.  He had milk, cream, meat, leather, and made a big tent.

The more things Abel did, the more Cain hated him.  “He thinks he’s so smart!  I hate Abel!”

When it came time to give thanks to God, Abel could sacrifice a bullock!  Cain could only come up with a handful of scraggly plants.

“Cain, would you like to help me dig a well so we can have water all year long?”

“I don’t want to get my hands dirty!  Why don’t you dig a well for me?”

“Face facts, Cain.  You’re not very bright.  You don’t even know where to dig.  You aren’t even smart enough to invent a shovel!”

That awful truth pushed Cain over the edge.  “The only way I can feel good about myself is to kill my better brother and steal his property!”

Cain was the first unhappy leftist.  Abel could have grown grapes, made them into wine, and given Cain a jug every day.  Cain would have been happy with that early form of welfare.   But, Abel thought Cain could do more.

Cain did not want to do more.  “I am happy, just the way I am!  Abel is disrespecting me!  He thinks I can do better!  He thinks I can be better!  That is an insult!  I am a great person!  I think deep thoughts!  I have feelings!  I hate it when Abel makes me look dumb!  I hate Abel!”

In every age, disobedience leads to Protestantism and God’s Decrees are ignored, including

“Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”