Christians are divided into Catholics and Protestants. Moslems into Sunni and Shiite. Jews are Reformed, Conservative, Orthodox, etc. Within each division, there are groups, and these are divided into still smaller segments. It has been said that if there are three Baptists in a room, there are at least two congregations and another about to start.

A far more important division separates those who love and help their neighbors and those who have different levels of hatred for them. Most Christians understand that loving their neighbors is a prerequisite for getting into Heaven. Moslems have reached the opposite conclusion, and believe that killing those who refuse to share their beliefs is certain to result in their souls ending up in paradise. Jews are divided on the subject. Some love their neighbors, others, not so much.

The most important division is between the souls who will get to Heaven and those who will not. Christians believe that it’s impossible for a suicide bomber to get to Heaven. Moslems believe it’s a sure thing. The only thing the two groups have in common is that they believe they have souls who will be rewarded in Heaven for obeying their version of God’s orders.

Can Christians and Moslems find any common ground?