Downloading the New Program.

The Old Programming Log made it clear to most who believed in it that God’s orders must be followed. As time went on, it also showed that people who liked to pick nits would add endless laws, rules, and taxes that suited them. After a while, so many laws, rules, and taxes were added that people lost sight of what they were supposed to do, love God and their neighbors.

So, The Programmer decided to download a New Program. Much of what we need to know about that is recorded in The New Programming Log. Some are drawn to its operating instructions as hungry birds to a ripe wheat field. We may choose to download The New Program.

Those who make a living by laws, rules, and taxes are, and never have been, enthusiastic about The New Program.

We may picture our self as one of a vast throng of lemmings that spend their lives heading toward the proverbial cliff. If we download the New Program, when we reach the edge, we don’t fall down to the rocks below. Instead of dropping in and on surging seas and hard rocks, we are, amazingly, able to go in the opposite direction.

The New Program does not allow us to use our knowledge to force people to download it. Some of our fellow lemmings may listen to what we tell them, or see how we’re living our lives, and a handful may be encouraged to make the download. To that end, we must pray, asking The Programmer to download the awareness of The Program into their minds.

Then, it’s their choice.