Every Babylon has the same temples.

Every Babylon has the same temples.

1. There are Sports Temples in each Babylon.  Mindless sports competitions have been organized long before the first Olympic games in Greece, in 776 BC.   They take time and money from worshipers striving to be “better” in a wide variety of useless activities in the Sports Temples.

2. Babylons have Drug Temples.  Pain-killing, mood-elevating opiates were provided by Babylon’s first priests and kings.  From then until now, Drug Temples deaden the mind to the futility of gratification.

3.  There are always Sex Temples in Babylon.  Satyrs have worshiped sex long before Bacchus and Pan.  Resulting children are often sacrificed upon the many, many Altars of Convenience justified by the Sex Temples of Babylon.

4.  Every Babylon has Fame and Fortune Temples that promise:  “You will be happy if you are rich and famous.  We will make you rich and famous!”  Those who fail to be rich and famous often attend the Drug and Sex Temples.  So do many who do become rich and famous.

5.  Government Temples provide structures to enslave their neighbors.   Vast agencies strive for more funding to enslave more people.  Promotion is promised to those who get more money for their temple by successfully pretending to “care about important issues”.

6.  Intellectual Temples provide obedient worshipers with access to Babylon’s jobs.

Every Babylon has the same temples.  Many go from Sports Temples to Fame and Fortune Temples while going in and out of the Sex and Drug Temples.

God decided to Personally provide One Alternative to all the Temples of Babylon.  His Son  Decreed One Church Into Being when He said to one man, one time:

“. . I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven. . .”

Worshipers at all the Temples of Babylon would like to get rid of The Only Church Jesus Founded.  The Catholic Church is always in their way.