Why The Church does not launch a new Crusade.

A Catholic Fundamentalism reader asks:  “Why aren’t the Catholics going on a Crusade against the Moslems?  Catholics are good at it, and it’s time.”  When we review many of the websites that report the atrocities that many Mohammedans visit on their helpless neighbors, it does seem like it’s “time for a Crusade”.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests a view from history:  “The Mohammedans were known to earlier Catholics as ‘the scourge of God'”.   In the early Middle Ages, Catholics realized that God was using Moslems to punish Christian apostasy.  When the Greek Orthodox Church began to separate from The Roman Catholic Church, marauding Moslems magically appeared.  The Greeks were punished, even to the point of losing Constantinople.  Greek vanity was such that, even as they were sold into slavery, they would not turn to God’s Church in Rome.

God’s punishment fell further on those who’d abandoned The Roman Catholic Church.  Orthodox lands and peoples were quickly and completely conquered by hordes of Moslems.

A  similar lesson was being taught in the Iberian Peninsula.  Spain’s Visigothic Kingdom had begun to move away from The Church.  As a result, the Moslem scourge began to fall upon them in the 700s.  After sweeping through Spain, a Moslem army crossed the Pyrenees.  The scourge was driven back by Charles Martel and Catholic Franks at the Battle of Tours in 732.  Victory that had been denied to Greeks and Visigoths was granted to Roman Catholic Western Europe.

In 1492, the most Catholic Majesties in Europe freed Spain from Moslem occupation.  Fearful of a Mohammedan  counter-attack that could be aided by an underground of Spanish Jews, Spain’s Jewish population was also expelled.

Now, from Scandinavia Southwards, the Scourge of God is falling.  Europe’s less faithful nations are being punished for their apostasy.  The once-Catholic lands of Richard, Raymond, and Godfrey are now being lashed by the Scourge of God.  Why are those nations being  taken over by Mohammedans?  Europeans have rejected Christ and His Church.  God has turned His face from them.  Europeans have no protection from His terrible wrath.

Apostate Catholics have embraced abortion and birth control.  They have adopted every kind of amorality and immorality.  Europe is cursed with political leaders who bribed so cheaply that the Moslem invasion increases every day.  It can neither be stopped nor reversed.

The  same “Scourge of God” from centuries past is falling upon Western European nations whose people reject Christ and His Church.

There will be no Catholic Crusade against the Moslem invasion until Europe’s false idols have been rejected and His people return to Him, on bended knee, pleading for His forgiveness, blessings, and protection.  There will be no Catholic Crusade until Europe repents.  Many leading Europeans are so vain they’d rather die wretched deaths, and take their neighbors with them, than turn to God in prayer.

“When will The Church have another Crusade?”, is answered by:   “God sets the timetables for Crusades.  So far, He does not see a Europe repentant enough to be worth saving.”  There will be no Catholic Crusade until Europe repents.