Their favorite lies, like “fossil fuels”, are multipurpose.

Catholic Fundamentalists believe that God has the power to program, and that He programmed and downloaded the Creation Program several thousands of years ago, as the Bible records. We also realize that, in order to give us each free will, He wrote The Program in such a way that each human being would be perfectly free to decide that Creation appeared as an accident, or that He made it.

The viruses working for the other side want people to decide that the world, and human beings, appeared by accident. Those who have made it their mission to keep people away from The Programmer do not want us seriously considering that the world was programmed in a week ten or twelve thousand years ago.

And, those very same people want to keep us in a state of powerlessness. Their lies about “fossil fuel” keep us from realizing that God provided, and is providing, plenty of oil and natural gas even as they make us think that those same substances come from huge piles of organic matter that were buried billions of years ago.

The “fossil fuel” lies also keep us from thinking about a God so brilliant that He could have programmed all creation into being with the idea of letting each one of us choose whether or not to save our own soul. Instead, they prefer to leave us, if with any idea of God at all, that the only one there could possibly be is so distant and powerless and uncaring that it really doesn’t matter about Him at all.