Catholics know what Don Quixote’s “Windmills” symbolized!

Many people have thought about the book Cervantes wrote 1605 and continued in 1615.

Question 1: “What is Cervantes’s most famous book?”

Answer: “Don Quixote”.


Question 2: “What is it about?”

Answer: “Don Quixote was a confused nobleman who believed in Chivalry. He decided to fight evil. He persuaded Sancho Panza to follow him with a promise of wealth and power.”


Question 3: “What does everyone remember about Don Quixote?

Answer: “He tilted at 40 windmills.”


Question 4: “Why?”

Answer: “Don Quixote thought they were evil giants! He attacked them with his lance from his old, limping horse.”


Question 5: “Did Cervantes use 40 windmills’ to connect Don Quixote with The Bible?”

Answer: “Yes. There were: 40 days and 40 nights of rain during The Flood; 40 years Moses lived in Egypt; 40 years that Hebrews travelled to the Promised Land; 40 days Moses spent on Mount Sinai; 40 days Jonah preached in Nineveh; 40 days Ezekiel laid on his right side to symbolize Judah’s sins; 40 days Elijah fasted on Mount Horeb; 40 days Goliath taunted Israel; 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert; 40 days between The Resurrection and The Ascension of Jesus.”


Question 6: “That’s a lot of #40s! What did ‘windmills’ symbolize in Spain’s most famous book?”

Answer: “Before the ‘windmill’, grain was ground into flour by grindstones. They were turned by hand, animal, or water power.
Windmill’s let people use free ‘wind’ to turn grindstones.”


Question 7: “That was a big change! Every‘windmill’ put people, animals, and those who tended them out of work. Did ’40 windmills’ put an end to hundreds of local jobs?”

Answer: “Yes! That’s why ‘windmills’ are symbols for ‘evil giants’! Behind the ’40 windmills’ were ‘giant’ financial powers that let well-connected greedy people get land, build windmills, and staff them! There was no better symbol for ‘evil giants’ than ‘windmills’!


Question 8: “Was Don Quixote fighting against the powers of finance and government that allowed greedy people to put families out of work in every time and place?”

Answer: “Yes.”


Question 9: “We should all fight evil. Is there one mistake that every Don Quixote makes?”

Answer: “All of us Don Quixotes tend to worry more about the sins of others than making ourselves more obedient to God. Every Don Quixote gets a better perspective by heeding Rev. 22:11: “Meanwhile, let the sinner go on sinning . . “

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