Finally. The Lies Collapse.

A couple of days ago, hackers got into the computer at Britain’s Climate Research Unit, an English institution that supported Global Warming. The hackers released hundreds of heretofore secret emails. Many were from one Global Warming “Scientist” to another, suggesting ways to “make it look warmer” by jiggering the numbers. Others mention the money to be made by perpetuating the fraud: “There are also budgetary items and grant monies- you wouldn’t believe how much money these boys play with.”, and discuss ways to have those funds sent to them without the inconvenience of paying taxes on them.

Those who prefer truth to lies are rejoicing. Those who preferred lies are gnashing their teeth, outraged that this tax-supported scam no longer looks likely to remain their private, rich domain.

Catholic Fundamentalists use this as an opportunity to see how souls may be judged. Those who embraced and expanded the lie, by their own admission, have been participating in a “Complex Fraud”. Dante tells us that those guilty of participating in “Complex Frauds” spend eternity in the lower circles of Hell, suffering agony forever.

Global Warming is also an IQ test. The sooner a person identified Global Warming as a fraud, the smarter. Real geniuses knew it was a fraud the day it began. Fools still believe the lies, despite the massive new evidence of actual lying, deception, and emails telling fellow fraudsters how to manipulate the numbers to get the alarmist results they wanted in any number of hockey stick graphs designed to do nothing but frighten voters.

Fools will, of course, blame the leakers. Then, they will say “Our concern for the welfare of humanity was the most important thing, even more important than truth.”

Once again, they will subordinate truth to their own idols. It’s hard to pray for the souls of such nincompoops, but we probably should. After a time of rejoicing.