Fixing Things

Some people make things work better and more efficiently. When that involves automation, such improvements often cause other people to lose their jobs.

Another kind of person makes things work worse and less efficiently. An example of this kind of person is seen in those who support replacing cheap, reliable, electricity produced by nuclear reactors with unreliable, inefficient, expensive electricity from windmills.

So, we see and understand that both groups, those who make things work better and more efficiently and those who make things work worse and more inefficiently, cause others to lose their jobs. The difference is that the first kind of job loss always creates other useful jobs. The second kind of job loss never creates other kinds of jobs. It is an indication that the society is no longer based on principles like “Love your neighbor.” and “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”and will continue to decline.

Those who cause the second kind of job loss are forced to continually lie. Every lie, often told every few minutes, tells others about “how good their project is”. Every such lie separates them farther from truth. When they die, God finds their souls so offensive that they are sent to Hell.

It is widely understood that those who cause the second kind of job loss are bad people. Mostly, they are pseudo-intellectual nincompoops whose minds are unable to do anything more complicated than say “Stop that!” when they see someone smarter doing something that they are unable to do. Innocents ask, “How are they able to do so much harm?”

The answer is clear. They have perverted the political process so that they can gain power over those who are more innovative and intelligent. That process began with perverting their own minds so that they would love themselves more than God and those around them. The Bible tells us that “the wages of sin is death”, and we must remember that not only people, but also nations, die.