For leftists, the here and now is all.

Any professional leftist’s main asset is an inability to function outside of the present.   For leftists, the here and now is all.  If their stomach is empty, they fill it, even if they have to eat their seed corn.

Leftists hate the kind of thinking that focuses on past and future.  That hatred extends to all individuals and groups who think outside of the present.  That’s why The Roman Catholic Church, intensely involved in saving eternal souls for an endless hereafter, is universally hated by the left.  The hatred for long-term thinking and thinkers increases as one moves farther and farther toward the left side of the bell curve.  One reaches their lower intellectual levels when meeting those who describe long-term thinkers with ever more hateful, guttural profanity.

Why are they the way they are?  Leftists, like utterly spoiled children, throw fits when denied immediate gratification.  Education in leftist paradises focuses on immediate satisfaction of every kind of desire.  In schools under their control, children are no longer allowed to hear the old fairy tales that compare hard-working ants who live through hard times to fiddle-playing grasshoppers who starve when winter comes.  Saving is a notion to be shunned.  Chastity is despised.  Self-control mocked.  To leftists, the here and now is all.  The devil works at the moment.

The idea that those who are unable to function outside of the present simply aren’t smart enough to do so must be considered.  It may be that they simply lack the intellectual ability to understand reasons for postponing any gratification they desire.

An important question:  Were leftists born with low IQs?  Not usually.  They choose to paralyze their intelligence, rather than use it.   Why?  Thinking, analysis, and logic get in the way of immediate gratification.  Many on the left turn themselves into virtual morons, lobotomizing themselves because they hate the pain of rational analysis that delays gratification.

Some leftists demand such instant gratification that they turn to crime.   Criminal activities are always the result of unchecked desires to have or do something immediately.  Just as most crimes against individuals are committed by such people,  most crimes against society are committed by those in the leftmost political parties.  It is a shame that the political party of every criminal does not accompany the TV and newspaper coverage of their crimes.

When it comes to gratifying sexual desires, rape is their answer.  When it comes to wanting something, theft is the solution.  Dislike of another is solved by assault, battery, and murder.

Pity the spoiled children of every age.  And, love them.   Understand that each day, they renew their choice  not to be smarter, far-sighted, prudent, considerate, happy, kind, and loving.  They have chosen to prefer anger, bitterness, and rage.  It is too easy, and too shallow, to describe them at the level to which they’ve reduced themselves, as simply “dumb”.  We must be a little like Pollyanna, and see that they are on the left because no one loved them as much as they wanted to be loved.

For leftists, the here and now is all.  Our love may let them see that they have souls that will live forever, hopefully in a place where they will no longer be touched by rage.