Genetic realities, a two-edged sword.

Recently, it was announced that the shortage of just one gene in human beings caused over-eating and subsequent obesity. Another study, quoted in, showed that diets rarely work for any significant length of time, but that sales of diets and diet-related products had become a huge, multi-billion dollar industry.

That means the endless warnings about the importance of dieting are utterly useless without inventing and incorporating the necessary gene therapy. Blaming the overweight for being so makes as much sense as blaming someone for being color-blind.

It has likewise been shown that there is a genetic difference between males and females. Males are found to have both higher and lower IQs, while women’s IQs tend to cluster towards the center of the bell curve. No governmental agency is known to have complained, “We need to be run by the most intelligent person, so, most, if not all agencies must be headed by the person with the highest intelligence.” Since males comprise most of the smartest and the dumbest, that would mandate that a higher proportion of the most, and least, rewarding positions in any organization would be filled by males.

Few politically correct women want women to have their fair share of the jobs being done by the least mentally capable men. Somehow, their interest in fairness is only focused on the high-paying jobs at the top. Surely, those so concerned are not half-blind?

In the first case, the love of hectoring people about being fat outweighs genetic reality. In the second, the love of money transcends the importance of having the best problem-solvers in charge.

Both are examples of modern-day idol worship.