Getting into Heaven.


The binary systems of “On” and “Off” are replicated spiritually.  People are alive or dead.  We are either saved or lost.

People are either Pro-Life or not.  Each time we become aware of any group or endeavor, a person who wants to be saved needs to determine if they are Pro-Life or in favor of death before choosing sides.

The largest, oldest pro-life organization is The Catholic Church.  Its opposite is Babylon.

In every issue, each person is on one side or the other.  Pro-life or pro-death.  Those who are sufficiently Pro-Life may get into Heaven.  Others will not.

Environmentalism is an umbrella name.  The people running it are pro-death, but pretend to be concerned about life.  Many are fooled.

Those who are fooled by pro-death deceptions have failed to heed His command: “Be as cunning as snakes”.  Those who are too-easily fooled use the deceptions to avoid taking a stand.  They lack wisdom, discernment, and courage.  It is reasonable to assume they will not get into Heaven.


Another division.  Some people love God and their neighbors.  Others do not.  The former may be saved.


Birth control stops life.  Many artificial birth control chemicals and devices will destroy the tiniest of babies.  We are pro-life to the degree that we avoid life-destroyers.  If we are not sufficiently pro-life, we have to wonder if our souls will get into Heaven.


Getting into Heaven.  Who gets into Heaven?  Both faith and obedience are necessary to get into Heaven.  “Many are called.  Few are chosen.”  Those who make the right choices may get into Heaven.


If we fall short, our sins may be forgiven.  Only one person, and The Church he was responsible for building, was given the authority to forgive sins.  That one Church was authorized by Jesus in Matthew 16:  18-20.  In that passage, Jesus gave Peter the keys to Heaven.  He also gave The Church the power to forgive sins.  Jesus did not give any other person or church that authority.  Some are able to realize that.  Others?  Not so much.  If we do not have our sins forgiven in the only Church Jesus authorized, are they really forgiven?   Are other forms of forgiveness deceptions provided by those who lead others away from the only source of forgiveness Jesus mentioned?