The Global Warming lies test both I.Qs and “salvationability”.

Now that we’re having the coldest weather in a long time, and now that people can see more of the fraud behind the Global Warming lies, it has turned into an I.Q. test.

The smarter one is, the sooner he discovered the lie. Those who persist in taking Global Warming seriously, especially after all the evidence of outright fraud in weather station placement (some have been put on asphalt runways and other places to guarantee higher temperature readings) and outright statistical bunkum (like that which produced the famed “hockey stick”), rate as near-morons on the I.Q. test of life.

Those who continue to believe in the Global Warming lies not only have to doubt their own analytical abilities, but also, their own abilities to know the truth about anything. “Gosh!”, they must say to themselves, “If I wasn’t smart enough to see through all this hype, can I ever be right about anything? Am I a moron?”

Those who propound the Global Warming lies know that they are intentionally lying. They must live with the knowledge that they have broken the Commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”. They have reduced their chances of getting into Heaven by the size and numbers of their lies. But, they do promise to keep more people off the streets doing useless “green work”. This taxing of their neighbors to do things that don’t need to be done is a complicated form of theft, making thieves out of all they employ, therefore it is a “compound sin” that anyone with any hope of everlasting joy will shun like the plague that it is.