God as Cloud, IV

Some men’s “clouds”, or spirits, are bright and powerful enough to force others to obey their commands. In the old days, such men were sometimes called “Gods”.

One of the reasons that ego-maniacs hate the Roman Catholic Church in particular, and Christians and Jews in general, is that we all have at least a dim understanding of how much greater God is than the greatest man.

Even a man whose spirit filled his whole brain is still pitifully small when compared to a spirit that’s as large as the Sistine Chapel.

But, if a man could order a billion other men around, then the “cubic footage” of “spirit” under his control may approach or exceed the size of the Sistine Chapel. Such men may believe that they are, in fact God. They cannot be, because, no matter how great the degree of uniformity imposed upon the individual spirits beneath them, they can never be One and must, therefore, become scattered when the superior spirit of the Alexander, Caesar, or Stalin goes off to judgment.

The theological mistakes that allow this historically frequent, but never-before-verbalized illusion to exist cause most of the trouble in the world.

The best thing for any human spirit to do is to encourage others to become closer to The Programmer. The best way to draw closer to God is through The Sacraments. The second best way is through prayer. Happiest is the soul that travels both roads toward the bright and shining light at the end.