God and the devil battle for souls.

God and the devil battle for souls.  The Only Church Jesus Founded strives to save souls.  Many governments, sadly, are on the other side.  A brief history.

After entering The Promised Land, Jacob’s Twelve Tribes lived on the lands God gave each Tribe.  They were ruled by Judges.

They grew fearful of powerful states surrounding them.  “We can’t rely on God.  We need a king to protect us.”

God warned them:  “A King will take your children, land, and possessions.”  But, having a King was the “popular thing to do”.  Those who thought, “A King could give me a job!” mobilized public opinion.

So, God gave them King Saul.  Saul intentionally disobeyed God.   God replaced him with King David.  David’s financial advisors told him, “We can’t count on God.  We must know how many men we can draft into the army.  We need to know how much tax revenue we can get to pay for them.”

In 2 Samuel 24, David called for a census to calculate how much money and how many men he could take.   David officially replaced reliance on God with with reliance on himself and his bureaucrats.  He put government ahead of God.  He violated The First Commandment, “Thou shall have no other gods before Me.”

God was not pleased.  David was allowed to pick His punishment.  70,000 people were killed in a three-day pestilence.

Every government official needs more money.  “Love your neighbor.” is stifled in their zeal for taxes.  From Babel to Carthage to today, every government realizes:  “The more people we enslave, the more money we get!”

The children of the poor were once sacrificed to balance Babylon’s bloody books.  Now, the unborn are targeted.  Every baby will either add to welfare roles or keep mothers from working and paying taxes.

The Church Jesus Founded is too divided by 45,000 competing “Christian” denominations to stop the killing.  Billions of unborn babies have been killed by abortion and abortion-inducing birth control.   Those who love money more than God or neighbor rejoice.

In every age:  God and the devil battle for souls.