God Programs in Three Dimensions

Catholic Fundamentalism began with the idea that God programs in three dimensions.  He programmed energies and particles.  Them, He complied those basic programs into systems and beings.  They became The Creation Program. We, His beloved human programs, live in The Creation Program.  His programs  move through time.

The process of writing and downloading the reality around us is the Divine equivalent of a 3-D movie.  “God’s 3-D movie” does more than appear to be real.   It is all the reality we need.  It is The Creation Program, and each of us is a beloved human program within that larger Program.

What was the point of all the programming and downloading that’s around us?  The Human Programs and The Creation Program’s programs were downloaded to provide free will for us human programs.  Some will see the evidence around them and choose to believe in and obey God.  Others see the very same evidence and make the choice not to believe and obey, or to believe and “do their own thing” rather than obey His Operating Instructions.

Simply extrapolating from our own, human programming abilities makes it easier to believe in The Loving Programmer and His  Operating Instructions.  Just as we have to obey rules in human programming, to be truly happy, we human programs must obey the laws written into our human program.   The Catholic Church provides everything we need to do so in the most successful way.

Why Catholic Fundamentalism?

Too many Catholics, especially those who fancied themselves as “intellectuals”, tried to relate The Church’s teaching with humanist theories, like Marxism and Darwinism.  Such compromises weakened The Church.  Many Fundamentalists, on the other hand, continued to believe that God’s work was accurately described in Scripture.

Catholic Fundamentalism takes the ancient structure, faith, and Sacraments of The Church, looks at them in a way that lets us see the reality behind the Fundamental beliefs, and comes up with a world-view that is Church-centered and faith-based.

Considering an undeniable truth, that God programs in three dimensions, is a first step to the deeper joys of Catholic Fundamentalism.