God’s IQ Test. # 66. “Do we need a ‘New Word’ to describe everything Jesus said?”


.                                                                Every book ever written is missing this new word!

Catholics know!  “I have an immortal soul.  I want my soul to get to Heaven!” 

That’s why this Prayer is “most important”:

“Jesus, please let me live so that I may go to Your Judgment and be among:  ‘You are My friends if you obey My commands’.

Every Catholic, and most Christians, know!

1.  Every Word of Jesus Christ is a Teaching from God!

2.  Every Teaching from God is a “Command” from Him.

3  To be among His obedient “friends”, we must strive to obey every Word/Teaching/Command from Jesus Christ.


Question 1.  “Do we need  a “new word” in every language to define and describe everything Jesus ever said?  Does “Word/Teaching/Command” do that?

Catholics realize:  “It is amazing!  We have overlooked that “word” for two thousand years!  “Word/Teaching/Command” is a wonderful New Word!  It defines and describes everything Jesus Christ ever said!”


Question 2.  “Do I realize that Jesus Christ could have said:  “You are My friends if you believe in Me?”

Catholics answer:  “The devil ‘believes’ in Jesus Christ!  Every demon in hell and on earth ”believes’ in Jesus Christ.   ‘Belief‘ is not enough to get them into Heaven.  Therefore:  merely ‘believing’ is not good enough for me!  I strive to obey every ‘Word/Teaching/Command’ from Jesus Christ!”

Question 3:  “How will ‘Word/Teaching/Command‘ translate into other languages?

Answer:  “We will find out!”  Readers, please let us know if it translates in your language!

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