God’s priorities are better than ours.

Most of us prefer a closet full of clothes to a houseful of children.  We are wrong to think so.  We must ask God to forgive us for allowing our vanity to overwhelm our desire to do His will.  We must recognize that God’s priorities are better than ours.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that sex is for procreation.  Awash as we are in a glorification of lust, fewer people support The Church’s position.

God is not as impressed by closets full of clothes as with houses full of children.  If there were no Confession and Reconciliation, we would all be in big trouble.

The more we obey Him, the better off we are.  God’s priorities are better than ours.  He is replacing vain and selfish people with those who have more children, even if they’re Moslems.

European nations are being overrun by Moslem invasions because God has turned His face from the formerly Christian countries.  He would rather have more living people than have possibilities for salvation that The Creation Program provides being wasted by fewer, and more selfish, people.

The only way to save America?  To turn the tide in Europe?  Christians must have more children and must raise them to understand that God’s priorities are better than ours.