“We’re the good guys!” Not.

Most nations believe “We’re the good guys!” Most families think “We’re the good guys!” when confronted with criticism. Business, government agencies, and all identifiable groups think “We’re the good guys!”

When we see others with problems we don’t have, we shake our heads sadly and say, if only to ourselves, “Too bad for them.” and avoid thinking about our own impending doom by believing “We’re the good guys!”

“We’re the good guys!” is often a dangerous delusion. While America’s Protestant establishment encouraged early settlers to “Do your Christian duty.” by wiping out Indians, “We’re the good guys!” rang hollow.

Today, when Americans say “We’re the good guys!”, one must ask, “Can ‘good guys’ be in charge of a nation that aborts a million unborn babies a year?” Other wonder: “How can ‘good guys’ have more people in jail than any other nation while the “war” on drugs destroys a generation?

Can ‘good guys’ give trillions to wars on poverty while producing a nation with more poverty and unemployment than ever?”

The lies our leaders tell about Imaginary Problems, from Global Freezing/Warming to various types of utterly unimportant “pollution”, make it harder to believe “We’re the good guys!”

Property taxes are raised on poor Americans barely able to scrape by in order to fund public education’s ongoing failures. Legislators will not force spending reductions to help millions that may curtail campaign donations from small, well-organized educational groups. It’s irrational to say “We’re the good guys!”

Our job is to save our soul. We cannot save our soul if we believe in lies. We cannot save our soul if we believe that it’s “all right” to vote for pro-choice/abortion candidates. We cannot get into Heaven if we don’t try to stop theft by property taxes to fund 80% pensions for teachers.

We can’t get into Heaven by saying “We’re the good guys!” when we’re not.

We can’t get into Heaven if we think “We’re the good guys!” when lying and stealing and aborting unborn babies go on and we don’t even ask God to help.