Government lies began with Luther’s protests.

The Tower of Babel, and other manifestations of Babylon, are huge systems based on the lie that those in charge of civic projects can bring people to God.

In our time, vast governmental structures have come into being to bring us, like the original Tower, closer to God.  In education, the environment, energy, law enforcement, and transportation, more regulations are said to make us better off in ever way?

Where did these huge manifestations of lies come from?  What, after the thousand years of Catholic teaching between five and fifteen hundred, could convince once-Christian people that it was their duty to believe and support those who institutionalized lies?

Some may connect two dots:  People believed government lies about the need for small, easily controlled and manipulated religions.  They adopted first several, then hundreds, then thousand, then tens of thousands of individual Protestant denominations.

All were based on the lie that people could ignore Jesus’ injunctions, like “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”  Or, “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.  Those whose sins you (Catholic priests/bishops) do not forgive on earth are not forgiven in Heaven.” and not suffer any ill consequences.

Once those lies became institutionalized in large Protestant structures, governments made a tremendous discovery:  If they could weaken or destroy the Catholic Church, there were no defenses against any big lies.  They could tell whatever lies they wanted to justify their own structures.  No one would argue with them.  No one outside The Church would stand up for truth.

Now, people believe that gasses can stop the migration of warmth into outer space.  That it’s all right to have windmills wiping out entire species of birds.  Abortion is a right.  One of Babylon’s most bizarre lies:  Women’s rights are important, but we cannot pass a law to prohibit choosing to abort female children.  It’s somehow good to pay a dollar a kilowatt hour for wind generated electricity, rather than a couple of cents for electricity from a nuclear plant.

Big lies that became institutions with Luther and Calvin took form in every unnecessary agency and bureau inflicting themselves on what was Christendom.