Governments Prefer Protestants

Those in the Kingdom of God exert more influence on the world when they are united.  Governments do not want to be faced with a united front.  No one wants a bishop, speaking for millions of people in his diocese, exerting any negative effects on even the most corrupt of cash flows.  Such bishops existed, often within living memory, and were able to produce salutary effects on local governments.

Popes and bishops in earlier ages were able to influence governments for the better.  In response, governments did what they could to split the Catholic Church.  In every age, the self-willed found reasons to leave The Church.  This accelerated in 1056, when the Greek Orthodox left.  Five hundred years later, Luther and the later “protesters” went their own way.

Governments rejoiced.  So did Moslems.  Without the comparatively monolithic body of The Church, both governments and Moslems could exert greater control than ever on the world as Protestant groups were divided, joined, bribed, confused, and ever less able to provide a solid defense against governments’ perpetual war against families, freedom, and private property rights.

Protestants have weakened the Body of Christ in Latin America.  As a result of their “work”, Mexico is in shambles, Cuba a vast prison camp, and Venezuela a tyranny.  Still, Protestant missionaries keep splitting off those whom they labor to disaffect from Holy Mother Church.

Such missionaries see the results of their “work”, yet keep on fragmenting the Body of Christ, such is the desperation to maintain even those feeble cash flows.

Few missionaries rarely go to Moslem countries, and those who do are to be encouraged.  We should not encourage them to go on weakening the only Church Who can provide unity against governmental tyranny.