Government’s purpose


Government’s purpose is to keep people off the streets. Once, the cheapest way to keep large numbers of people off the street was to make them dig, quarry, cut, and pile. From Babylon to Egypt to America’s huge Indian mounds and Aztec pyramids, the best Babylonians built big pyramids. They went vertical.

Chinese Babylonians went sideways. They kept people off the street by having them build and man over ten thousand miles of walls. Roman Babylonians went up, down, and sideways, forcing people to build aqueducts, catacombs, stadiums, roads, and buildings.

Honest Babylonians admit: “Government’s purpose is to enslave you. You are here to be slaves. Get busy!” If real Babylonians were in charge, they’d be using modern technology to make us produce Pike’s Peak-sized pyramids! Mile-wide canals connecting our coasts!

A better grade of Babylonians would provide real make-work instead of the fake make-work that governments presently provide.

With the money we’re wasting, we should have many, many more massive monuments. All sorts of obscure Babylonian secrets would have been written into their sizes, shapes, and locations by otherwise unemployable pseudo-intellectuals.

Modern Babylonians won’t let us build real monuments that would generate tourist income for our descendants. Our second-rate Babylonians tend toward second-rate projects: mostly schools to stop learning, jailing millions to produce more criminals, and building endless stadiums for distractions from the lunacy.

Why did modern Babylonians stop building pyramids and walls? Abortion, drugs, jails, sports, and schools promoting ignorance and sin are a far, far cheaper way to keep people off the street than building big, useless structures.

Despite all the “progress”, The Only Church Founded by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies still provides what is necessary for those who obey His Great Winnowing Command to receive Catholic Communion: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”