Hard questions Catholics should ask:


Hard questions Catholics should ask:

1.   We often hear people say:  “I believe in Jesus!  I believe in The Bible!  I believe in Jesus and The Bible!  I do not need any church!”

It’s easiest to simply ignore such self-serving silliness.   Catholics who care ask hard questions:  “Jesus thought we needed a Church.  Why else would Jesus say:   ‘Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.’?   If Jesus thought we didn’t need a Church, why did He say those words one time, to one man, about The Only Church He Founded?”

So far, no one has made a meaningful reply to those hard questions.

2.   Catholics also hear thoughts like these:  “I believe in Jesus!  I believe in The Bible!  I believe in Jesus and The Bible!   My spouse and I use artificial birth control pills and implants that work by killing the tiniest of our unborn children.  Over the years, we may have killed dozens of our own children. Our denomination says it’s all right!  We believe in Jesus and The Bible!”

Hard questions Catholics should ask:  “The Bible says ‘Thou shalt not kill’.  Are you disobeying The Bible when you use abortion-inducing birth control that kills unborn babies?  Your tiniest babies were alive until they were killed by the abortion-causing pills or implants you used.  Why are you disobeying The Bible while you claim to believe it?

3.   Catholics often hear:  “I believe in The Bible!  It is The Word of God!  It is My Only Authority!”  We explain:  It took centuries for Catholic Saints and Scholars to pray and work their way through piles of counterfeit documents to find the true Bible.  Since The Catholic Church provided The Bible, didn’t God give it greater authority than The Bible it produced?