How do I get to Heaven?

All of us want to know, “How do I get to Heaven?” 42,999 Somewhat Christian schisms have an answer. “Those who follow our teaching get to Heaven.” Some are quite adamant about that.

Nearly all agree that Jesus is the Judge Who decides. Christians have that in common.

Jesus died to provide the possibility of eternal joy. Pro-Life Christians, like Jesus, realize that life is better than death. Being Pro-Life is a first answer to “How do I get to Heaven?”

Pro-Abortion Christians are not actually Christian. Not only can they not get into Heaven, but they go to the more painful “Complex Fraud” areas of hell for having pretended that their acceptance or support of innocent death is “Christian”.

Do all Pro-Life Christians get to Heaven? It is hard, if not impossible, to imagine that a Pro-Life person who financially supports a Pro-Abortion denomination or group can get into Heaven. “I am Pro-Life, but Pastor Bob feels I should keep contributing to this church to help inspire our leaders into being more Pro-Life, as well.”

Do the gullible get into Heaven?

How do I get into Heaven? By doing something real to protect innocent life. Decades ago, Pro-Life people were divided among The Catholic Church and a mere thousand schisms. Nearly all agreed with The Catholic Church, that abortion was a sin. Then, abortion was illegal.

Now, the thousand Somewhat Christian schisms have splintered into a paralyzing 43,000 competing groups. Pro-Life people are too divided to have the legislative effect necessary to stop abortion. So, the killing of our most innocent neighbors continues.

Every human being is smart enough to understand that it is the fracturing of Christendom that keeps us from stopping such evil. Can a person who does not allow him or herself to fully understand that, simply because they do not want to become Catholic, get into Heaven?

That answers “How do I get into Heaven?”