How Protestants get ready for Judgment

“God, I’m dying. I’ll be be coming to Heaven! I can hardly wait to see You! And, I know You can hardly wait to see Me! In Person! After all this time!

God, I would really like to have a few uniformed angels opening The Pearly Gates for me! I want to arrive in style! Nothing flashy. Maybe a dozen or so trumpeters on either side as I walk in! Let everybody know that I’m there!

I’ll say ‘Hi!’ to St. Peter. Be nice if he tipped his halo respectfully. After all, I’ve been a Big Believer for years!

No need for a big brass band. No need for a big choir of angels. Just a few angels. I hope you’ll have all of them singing my favorite Hymn, ‘Just as I Am.’

That’s me! I’ll arrive in Heaven, ‘Just as I am!’ My favorite color is blue. Put me in a section of Heaven where there’s lots of blue! Have Your helpers get that ready for me!

I do like soft singing. And, sometimes, a violin. Please have a nice place ready for me near the Violin Section.

And, I like a fairly hard mattress. But, not too hard. I’m sure you’ll have it just right right!

You know what I like to eat! Hope there’s plenty of steak and potatoes! I love chocolate! And, ice cream! And, I want a penthouse apartment on the beach! With a private elevator. I don’t want to spend eternity having to wait for others to get on and off.


My doctors said I have a few days left. I’ll get back to You if I think of anything else.

And, please, don’t put me near any Saints! I hated looking at their pictures and statues when I was on earth.

I certainly don’t want to spend eternity being around them!”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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