How to avoid a Sin of Great Consequence? Consider its effects.

All of us are tempted by sin.  Most sins are simple.  Temptations are the usual demons.  They tempt us to disobey God.  Temptations lead us to choose self-gratification over obedience to God.

Most temptations are the usual desires.  Pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth (peggals).

An individual soul is faced with Venial Sins.  And, we are faced with the deadlier Mortal Sins.    Mortal Sins include Sins of Great Consequence.

The Sins of Great Consequence lead to the death and destruction of innocent men, women, and children.


The invention, manufacture, and distribution of deadly forms of abortion-inducing birth control pills and implants are Sins of Great Consequence.  Billions of lives have been ended by them.


We know we are being tempted by The Sins of Great Consequence when we find ourselves attacked by far stronger temptations than usual.

We may actually be “possessed” by a “crowd” of demons.  They know when we may be led to commit a Sin of Great Consequence.  They try to lead us to commit that wrong.

A “crowd” of demons gathers when  a sin we may be led to commit  has the possibility of doing far, far greater damage to ourselves and to others.

That draws a “crowd” of demons!


Adultery is a Sin of Great Consequence.   A desire to commit adultery may break up a family.  That may destroy the well-being of the children.  The hurt of a broken home keeps many from having loving families of their own.  It may lead to the suicide of the helpless children.

That can make the Mortal Sin of Adultery into A Sin of Great Consequence.


When we are tempted to sin, we must ask ourselves:  “What will be the result of my sin?  Will I hurt another person?  Will I make the life of another person worse or shorter?

Letting  ourselves see the results of giving into temptations helps keep us obedient to God.

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