Each human life is a “little movie”


Each human life is a “little movie”.  God made The Big Movie. Its set decorations and stage props are so vast they allow us actors, all of us made “in the image of God”, to write our own, “little movie”.

We spend our lives putting our chosen set decorations and props together for our “little movie”.  Each human life is a “little movie” that runs within The Big Movie.

We write our lines, and play our chosen part.  Most of us hope for applause from the audience around us.

Less obvious are the audiences watching from above and below.  Our ancestors’ souls in Heaven, the choirs of angels, and the Saints of God, each a Really Big Star in their “little movie”, give us a hand from above.

Another audience, with hooks and chains, tries to drag us down to them.

God shows us His Power every day.  When we awake, and remember a dream, we see how each human “little movie” has “mini-movies” playing within it! The words, pictures, and feelings stored in our brain make a “mini-movie” every night in every dream.  The Spirit is our mind’s director:  “Dream that!” it commands our mind and body and we are aware of the odd creations compiled from our memory banks.

Our soul has the power to choose what we will do.  When the spirit is wounded by hurt, or crippled by the mind-altering drugs pushed by the audience below, we are led to bad dreams in our nightly “mini-movies” and destructive mistakes in our “little movie”.

The spirit may obey its soul, or it may be led astray by the demons of temptation.

Each human soul is a captain who must “go down with the ship” if it freely chooses death.

When the mind and spirit are confused by drugs, the soul is not held accountable for what logic and love could not control.