What idol do Protestants worship?

Catholics are blessed to have reminders of Holy Men and Women who obeyed God to the point of painful death at the hands of anti-Catholics.  Catholics know that His Blessed Saints are close to Him in Heaven.  We do ask them to intercede for us.  Some Protestants falsely accuse Catholics of worshiping God’s obedient saints.  They say “Catholics worship idols!” to make themselves feel superior.

No Catholic ever worshiped an idol!  We do worship Jesus enough to obey His Decree:  “. . I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven. . .”   We are blessed to be in The Only Church led by a Successor to Peter for 2,000 years.

We are reinforced in our faith because we see another Miracle:   no Church Doctrine has changed in those 2,000 years!  Catholics are blessed to worship God in The Only Church He Founded!

It is actually Protestants who worship idols.  What idol do Protestants worship?

All Protestants prefer to follow the teachings of some ambitious man with a Marketing Plan rather than The Only Church Jesus Founded.

So, Catholics understand that the real “idol-worshipers” are those who worship self.  “Self” says, “I am a good person and I know what is best for me.”

Those who worship the idol of “Self” agree:  “We know that God is real.  We know we have souls that will live forever.  We want to get into Heaven, but we do not want to obey the rules of The Only Church Jesus Founded.”

The worship of “Self” leads them to believe Salvation comes to those who replace God with the Marketing Plan that best appeals to them.  Protestants follow whichever of 45,000 Marketing Plan Denominations make them feel best about themselves.

What idol do Protestants worship that leads them away from The Only Church Jesus Founded?



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