“Ignorance is bliss.” Maybe.

Many Protestants do not fully understand that they are separated from the Only Church that Jesus founded.  Matthew 16: 18-20 tells us that Jesus put one man in charge of One Church.  Jesus is very clear in His words to the first Pope: 

Many Professional Protestants avoid reading those clear, simple words as they were spoken.  Clearly, Jesus has given the leadership of One Church to one man.  It is a fact that Jesus did not reappear to give men who founded their own, competing denominations His authority.  Neither Martin Luther, Henry VIII, John Calvin, Joseph Smith, James Jones, or any other is recorded to have witnesses that Jesus appeared to give them the authority to start their own churches.

This is a case where”Ignorance is bliss.”  Maybe.  Protestants, unaware of the Biblical basis for the Catholic Church, are not encouraged to read these passages in the Bible.  At the same time, many Professional Protestants demean The Church by telling people the absurdity that “Catholics aren’t allowed to read the Bible.”  Such is the heart of many professional Protestants.

The Professional Protestants know of the passages that describe Peter’s primacy.  They understand the historical connections that link the first Pope, St. Peter, to today’s Pope.  Another lacking?  Professional Protestants do not encourage their congregations to think deeply about Christ’s simple instruction: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

They obfuscate because they know that only The Catholic Church provides His actual Body and Blood in Communion.   Many who make a living by being in separation from The Catholic Church write endlessly to hide the clear, simple truth of those clear, simple words.

Why?  Those words from Jesus are a direct threat to the structures that provide their cash flows.