Is the end near? It is for us.

The Bible says two bizarre things. After millennia of mystery, two puzzles are now solved.

The first bizarre Biblical statement: “The earth was created in six days.” Today, all are able to see amazingly realistic 3-D movies made with computer aided graphics. Smarter people realize: “Men can make such realistic looking movies by programming in two dimensions. Imagine that God could program in three dimensions! He could program in actual particles. He could have them compiled into systems and beings by programming His own “Programming Assistants”, called ‘Angels’ in the Iron Age. With all those helpers, He could have written and downloaded The Creation Program’s basics in six days. Each human being is the star of his or her own performance in a huge, long-running movie!”

Suddenly, we see a reasonable way that The Loving Programmer could have written and downloaded the necessary parts of The Creation Program in the six days described in Genesis. All the fossils, layers of rock and far off galaxies? They are Stage Props, downloaded in order to give us free will. Science is merely the study of Stage Props. The structures of Babylon are seen as the frauds they are!

A second bizarre Biblical passage makes sense for the first time in two thousand years: the oddest of Jesus’ teachings is in Mt. 19:24. “Again, I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

That passage has long been held to be “allegorical” and “symbolic”. Some say it refers to a gate in Jerusalem’s wall that was so narrow camels had to be unloaded before they could get through.

Now, we see that an actual camel can go through the eye of an actual needle. If a tiny, living egg is taken from an ovulating camel and put on a microscope slide in a drop of amniotic fluid, it may be observed. If sperm cells from a male camel are put next to it, the actual fertilization of the egg can be seen, even portrayed on a huge screen.

A technician may pass the fertilized egg in the drop of fluid through the eye of a sterilized needle, much like a ping-pong ball going through a basketball hoop. Then, the fertilized egg can be put into the womb of the mother camel.

After that camel is born, it will grow. Soon, it may weigh a ton. No matter how big it gets, it will always be a camel that has passed through the eye of a needle. “Whew! What a relief!” say the smarter rich people!

Why is it that only in our age that we see those two great puzzles solved?

Is the end near? It is for us. If The End of The Creation Program is not near, the departure of our soul to judgment is.

The answers to those puzzles help us save our souls: Applying computer technology to our own beings lets us see the bizarre “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” as His restorative program being downloaded into a human program where that “Holy food of angels” drives out viruses and errors.

Applying computer terms to“Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.” lets us see that being part of His Church is our only opportunity to download the only incorruptible program on earth.

We know that corrupting viruses have not prevailed against The Only Church Jesus Founded. It has stood, unchanging, against the sins of artificial birth control, fornication, and abortion. We may only be saved by being a part of that which is not corrupted. We know that The Catholic Church is not corrupted because its teachings have remained unchanged from The Apostles.

Is the end near? It is for us. Solving puzzles may lead us to The Only Church He Founded and then to Heaven. Whom does He want in His Church? Those who are Pro-Life. We cannot be Pro-Life if we support groups that are ambivalent and are, therefore, on the wrong side of that great divide.

All who are Pro-Life should be Catholic. It is the only way to stop the killing. Those who are not Catholic are part of the problem. We realize that after we understand that in our age, the great mysteries are solved. Is the end near? It is for us.