Isaac Newton and Revelations.

Isaac Newton invented calculus. The Laws of Thermodynamics. The Theory of Gravity. He was a brilliant, brilliant man.

Eventually, he got a job managing the Mint. His mathematical ability allowed him to be a great help to the English economy.

At the same time, Newton studied both history and religion. He was a sincere believer in Holy Scripture and in a peculiar strain of Protestantism. Since he worked for Protestant Royalty, he utilized his amazing intellect to justify Protestantism and denigrate the Catholic Church.

In reading his extensive journals, which are available online, Newton spent a lot of time analyzing the Book of Revelations. He theorized that “the woman who went to the wilderness was given two wings, one of which was the Roman Catholic Church, the other the Greek Orthodox.”

But, one obeyed the successor of Peter, and the other didn’t. Hard to imagine someone flying into the wilderness with one good wing, no matter which wing one thinks is faulty.