Jesus, save us from the mess we’ve made.

Few things we do turn out as well as we intend. Most of the time, things get worse. The damage that public officials do is so painful to contemplate that we turn away from honest analysis with a shudder. Then, we watch helplessly as they go on to inflict other errors on us.

Public officials have the capacity to turn mistakes into disasters.

Public Officials mess up whole countries. Elected official tend to make the biggest messes of all. As they sell their votes to various special interests, they are utterly unable to fix the messes they’ve made of things.

England, for instance, was once one of the finest places in the world to live. A few generations of elected sin-filled socialists intentionally destroyed the English land and people. Their monarchs, their elected officials, even their so-called “church”, would not stop the self-inflicted destruction brought upon them. In every democracy, officials bribed to open the doorways to death and destruction cannot be stopped.

Error can only be cured by truth. The only truth on earth is that within the doctrines of The Church Jesus Founded. Not one governing official in all of once-Catholic England, or in once-Christian America, dares to say: “Jesus save us from the mess we’ve made.”

Blinded by their own enlightenment, England devours itself. America does the same. Nations riven by tens of thousands of schisms, each proclaiming itself to be “truth”, allow the forces of evil to destroy millions of unborn children. Hearts are hardened. Death rules the democracies.

Jesus, save us from the mess we’ve made. We may accompany our prayer with an action: Never failing to vote for the most pro-life candidate.