The symbol of the Papacy is a pair of crossed keys, symbolizing Christ’s giving Peter and the Disciples the power to open the gates of Heaven to the souls of the obedient faithful. When we visualize the soul as a living being, a live spark, and compare it to various particles and processes reflected in the world, we may help to see our way to obedience and salvation.

Just as a lightning bug is endangered by bats and birds, our soul can be weakened and destroyed by negative charges. When we picture a generator making a light bulb’s filament produce light, we can see our own soul as a “spiritual filament” that takes energy from God and glows from the absorption and re-emitting of that energy. Like the light bulb, we can only do so if we are properly connected to the power source.

Some wavelengths of energy are visible light. Those wavelengths are able to go through our eyes and register in our minds. Similarly, some souls broadcast energy of a frequency, wavelength, and amplitude that lets God accept them into His presence. The real “key to Heaven” is a soul that reflects He Who programmed that soul. Those who choose not to reflect Him in their thoughts, words, and deeds cannot appear in Heaven any more than we can see the actual x-rays that zip through our bodies during examinations.

It only takes a moment to say, “God, forgive me my sins.” and have our soul suddenly accessible to God. A vast horde of demons have been ordered to distract and justify keeping us from this alignment with God. The person who follows their many leads will spend eternity suffering both pain, a large part of which will come from the realization that the endless pain was caused by their own failure to choose to spend even a moment asking to have his or her soul’s polarity changed to be like God’s in order to be accepted by Him into Heaven forever.