The left are spiritual sons of Ishmael.

We have seen in the above columns how those who are genetically descended from Ishmael are inclined toward, or are forced into, systems that are based on hatred, death, fear, and slavery. Ishmael has spiritual descendants, too. The, too, love to enslave their neighbors and kill the old and unborn, whom they deem useless. We know them as “leftists” and “liberals”.

In the beginning stages of their grab for power, Ishmael’s spiritual offspring tend to focus on raising taxes and increasing regulations in the name of “liberty, equality, and fraternity”. Today, they boil that down into a fight for “fairness”. In the periods where they lack the total control for which they endlessly work, they have to pretend to be “helping” by raising taxes and putting ever more Draconian regulations into place. Many are fooled by their protestations of trying to “help”.

Most of us are not fooled by those who claim to be “helping”. We merely lack the courage to fight against the organized taxing and regulating powers that quickly focus on destroying those who disagree too much or too effectively. The Holy Wireless Connector provides many gifts for those who obey The Loving Programmer. One of those gifts is Courage.