Why no leftist ever wants problems to be solved.

Many on the left make a living from unsolved problems. Energy problems were solved decades ago, with nuclear reactors. The left will not allow them to be built. Private housing kept Americans in better living conditions than any people in history. The left is taking over housing, reducing us to ever lower living standards. America’s medical care is the best in the world. The left wants to replace it with systems that have never worked, don’t work, and can’t work.

The problems caused by drug addiction would largely disappear by allowing drug stores to sell the few pennies worth of chemicals that addicts will otherwise rob and kill to obtain. Environmental “problems” are nearly all imaginary, and do nothing but profit those who want to replace safe, proven substances with their own, higher-profit replacements.

There’s an overlooked reason for their love of problems. Catholic Fundamentalists picture people living on several bell curves. One of those bell curves shows where a person’s intellectual abilities are. Those who are not smart enough to solve problems don’t want to see problems solved. Allowing solutions to problems makes those who can’t solve problems feel less able. So, they work diligently to maintain the premise that problems should not be solved.