Liars actually turn into their lies.

Fish swim in the water.  Birds fly through the air.  Mice live in the grass.  Squirrels live in trees.  We are surrounded by lies.

Lies are invented and told to gain earthly benefits.  Liars have some truths in common:   They hate God.  They hate His Son.  They hate His Church.  They hate truth.   They hate their neighbors.

Lies reflect the degree of hate within the liar.  An inaccurate “No.” to “Did you talk in class?” is a small sort of lie that may have a negative effect on one or two people and their futures. 

In a way, it’s a not a small lie, because there are no “small lies” because small lies leads to bigger lies.

“It isn’t really a baby.” is a very large lie.  It’s a lie that’s been told, believed, and passed on by legions of the damned.  Hundreds of millions have died because of that lie.

A lie like, “We have to build millions of giant windmills that don’t work effectively or efficiently in order to save humanity from Global Warming.” is a compilation of many lies that make billions of people in every nation poorer.

Huge pyramds of lies that exalt death and fraud were described by Dante as “Complex Frauds”.   Those who tell the lies become the stones that comprise those pyramids of lies.  Over time, liars  become lies as their human program becomes progressively more corrupted and lifeless.

The obviously self-serving nature of prominent liars should be enough to dissuade us from believing the large, complex lies with which they surround us.   It can be hard to avoid being drawn into them.   Belief in God’s truth and love is something that those who have turned into lies hate and undermine.  Liars make it hard to believe in and obey God.  They throw endless roadblocks between each human soul and Heaven.

On earth, we may get disapproval or punishment for not participating in lies.  Earthly punishments don’t last nearly as long, and is not nearly as unpleasant, as the eternal agony to which He sentences those who have freely chosen to live within the pyramids of lies. 

We should be strong and unwavering in faith.  We must not be fooled.  That way, we don’t turn into one or more of the many lies around us.