Little dead places in the brain. #3.

When we live with contradictions, like saying “I am married, and I commit adultery.”, what happens? Little dead places in the brain. They come from short-circuits caused by contradictions. They are the cause of mental disorders.

Some mental disorders are caused by accidents and disease. All others are caused by this particular shutdown at the highest mental level: “I am a Christian but I do not have to do some of the things Jesus says I should do.”

Every mental disturbance grows after accepting the double-mindedness of thinking “I am a Christian but I don’t have to do what Jesus said.” That disruption of logic is made worse when the persons talks about it. And, it reaches the final doorway to damnation if the thoughts and words are unrepentantly put into action.

If the mind’s complexity is crudely visualized as a huge network of lights and connections, a huge Christmas tree with trillions of bulbs, it does not seem to matter if a few shut down. But, it does. The nearby bulbs have to carry more current and burn out more quickly. The darkness spreads exponentially.

Little sins grow into bigger sins. Those who enjoy hurting animals want to hurt people. A mass murderer may emerge from the mind darkened by such sin.

But, if someone senses the spreading death within their mind, they may be blessed and decide, “I know there were prophecies. They were fulfilled by the coming of Jesus. He is the Messiah. He died for me. I will follow His instructions.”

If that understanding is followed by this commitment, light and life return: “Jesus said clearly and directly ‘If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.’ The only way I can obey His command is to do what is necessary to receive His actual Body and Blood in The Only Church about which He said ‘Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . .’“, what happens?

The little dead places in the brain begin to come alive again. The mind starts to work once more. It is free of mental disturbances that previously confused it with contradictions and distortions. The dark areas become light.

The person is “born again”. Little dead places in the brain. They come to life.