Little dead places in the brain. #6.

The first person to suffer from Little dead places in the brain was Eve. The snake cancelled out her desire to obey God by confusing her with lies.

That contradiction caused the first Little dead place in the human brain. The second dead place appeared when she decided that Adam needed a dead place in his brain, too. When he ate the apple, Adam had one dead place in his brain. Eve had two. Adam caught up when he hid from God. Then, both had two dead places in their brains.

God evicted them from The Garden. In the days since Jesus, those who obey are living in a new Garden of Eden. It is The Church Jesus Founded, the doorway to Heaven.

Just like the earlier Eden, people often get uppity and leave. All who leave The Catholic Church have one thing in common. Little dead places in their brains.

Unlike Adam and Eve, those who leave this modern Eden are able to return through the wonderful means of Confession and Absolution. We may pray that all are able to take advantage of a miracle unavailable to Adam and Eve.