Our lives are won and lost on bets.

Every choice is a bet. Each of us make big bets. We bet on choosing our spouse. We bet on our career. We bet on saving our soul.

1. Everyone either bets that it’s better to believe in God, or that there is not a God and if there is, He could care less about us. Those taking the latter bets generally bet on the reality of evolution and in a series of accidents that worked together to produce the universe as it is.

2. Those who bet that there is a caring God and that He is responsible for having created all there is move on to the next “God Bet”.

3. Many will wager that He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.

4. After study, some will make the bet that He shared Programming Information with the Prophets.

5. Some move up to another wager: I bet that God so loved the world that He sent His Only Son to erase the corruption from those of His beloved Free Will Programs who want to be closer to Him. Many are not able to make additional wagers. Others, blessed with more inquisitive minds, continue.

6. Those who want to get closer to God may bet: The Loving Programmer downloaded The Program in human form and came among us because the most perfect Human Program, Mary, allowed Him to be brought to earth in perfect, human form.

7. We may bet that, of the 40,000 denominations claiming to be “Christian”, the most credible one was founded by His Son, Fulfillment of the Prophecies, Who said to one man, “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . .”

8. The smartest bettors? Men and women who take that bet and make another. “I am betting my soul and eternity on becoming a Catholic priest, brother, or sister”. These are the best humanity has to offer. The “best bettors”, the big gamblers, the high-rollers with first class tickets to front row seats in Heaven, are among the truly chosen. Humanity owes all that is good on earth to them.

Our lives are won and lost on bets.