Loving Programmer, Human Program, Dog Program.

We human programs have been written and downloaded with free will. Dogs are one of God’s programs. We human programs have had a long affection for the Dog Program. In fact, we have been given the ability to modify the Dog Program with all the variations between dachshund, sheepdog, and St. Bernard.

Why did He go to all the trouble of programming us with the ability to modify the Dog Program?

The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded the Dog Program so that we’d have something handy to remind us how to deal with Him. Dogs have free will. They can decide to make a mess in the house or go outside. They can decide to chew up things or not. They decide to obediently heel or run off to chase a cat.

Most of a dog’s problems come from disobeying its master. If they fail to obey too often, they may end up in The Pound. Similarly, human problems occur when we make the wrong choices. If we disobey our Master, we may end up in the human version of The Pound.

We study Scripture, the Commandments, the Catechism, and the saints to learn our Master’s will. The more we know, the more we pray, and the harder we try, the better we do.

If we pray, work, and learn, we will be more obedient to God.

One of the highest planes of human existence is choosing to use our free will as well in obeying God as we want our dog to use his in obeying us.